September’s Featured Teas

Treat yourself to a royal cup of our Marie Antoinette, a tea blend of Ceylon Assam and French roses.


A little background on Marie Antionette is that she was the archduchess of Austria before she married King Louis XVI and became the more commonly known Queen of France. Famous for her flirtatious personality, being a reckless spendthrift and extravagant lifestyle made Marie Antoinette a symbol for indulgence. So come in enjoy the Marie Antionette, the former Queen of France’s favorite blend. With a lovely tea cup and signature cupcake, you are all set to proclaim “let us eat cake.”


If you enjoy Earl Grey, try it with lavender. Our Lavender Earl Grey or the Lady Grey is a black tea blend with bergamot oil and lavender.  Lady Grey was named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of Charles Grey whom, Earl Grey tea was named after. Legend has it that a Chinaman’s son was rescued by one of Earl Grey’s men so in appreciation of this act, the grateful father named a tea blend after the Earl, thus Earl Grey.


If you want to try something more exotic, try our fine and straight green tea, the Gyokuro Jade Dew. This premium tea can impress any green tea lover.