Whether you have a small gathering or a large party to host, our space can accommodate up to 45 of your guests. Check out our different party packages!







For parties of 16-20 people we ask for a refundable deposit of $200 and invite you to dine with us up to 150 minutes (2 1/2 hrs). Guests can book these parties within one of two time slots: 11am-1:30pm or 3pm-5:30pm on weekends or weekdays based on availability. For weekend reservations, we only serve our afternoon tea service for adults, which is our full service three tiered platter with savoury and sweet options and a pot of our premium tea.

The afternoon tea is $35 per person before tax. For children 12 and under we offer a smaller curated children's tea service for weekend reservations for $18. You can reserve any of our other tea services or lunch on the weekdays. We also have a banquet style tea service option for parties of 16-20 people that costs $48 per person before tax & tip. If you are interested in the banquet style, please see our banquet sample menus or contact us directly for more details.



parties for 21-45 people

For groups of 21 people or more, we offer our private party package. Pricing starts at $1200 for up to 25 people, before tax and gratuity. It's an additional $48 per person after that. Tax is 5% and auto-gratuity is set at 18%. We ask for a $300 refundable deposit to hold your reservation. What does all this include?....

This books out the entire space for up to 3 hours, with an additional hour of setup prior. The package includes full waitstaff, guest seating, food, tea, water, cleanup, surround sound music of your choice, colorful led mood lights, plateware, glassware, utensils, napkins and to go packaging. Private parties are scheduled between 2pm-6pm during our regular business hours. We provide sample menus from which to select your food options. We encourage a banquet style, where the food is served on larger golden tiers (see pictures below) to make the best use of our space, however we are open to negotiating a more customized party experience. Please be advised that prices are subject to increase with any additional requests



*portions based on number of people



Macarons (assorted 3 flavors) 

Chai Vanilla Cupcakes 

Orange Poppy Seed Cookies 

Cheddar & Spinach Croissant

Roasted Veggie & Hummus Sandwiches 

Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Quiche 

Seasonal Fruit Platter 

Seasonal Vegetable Platter  w/ truffle tarragon hummus 

Premium Tea for Each Guest



Macarons (assorted 3 flavors) 

Cheesecake with Mango Coulis 

Chocolate Coconut Brownies 

Egg Salad Croissant 

Cucumber & Chive Butter Sandwich 

Roasted Tomato, Burrata & Pesto Crostini 

Seasonal Fruit Platter 

Seasonal Vegetable Platter w/ housemade ranch 

Premium Tea for Each Guest