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Check out our private events page for information on larger parties


Do you take reservations?

Yes! We take reservations during our regular weekday and weekend business hours. Walk-ins are always welcome but we cannot guarantee a table right away, especially on the weekends.

Do you accommodate larger groups?

Yes we do! We can host up to 40-60 people in our space. If you are planning a birthday celebration, a shower, or group meeting, we are here to help you out! See our private events page for more information on parties of 23 people or more.  

What are our ordering options?

On the weekends, we only take reservations for our afternoon tea service, which is our full service three tiered platter with savoury and sweet options and a pot of our premium tea. The afternoon tea is $40 per person before tax. For children 12 and under we offer a smaller curated children's tea service on the weekends for $22. You can reserve any of our other tea services, brunch or lunch on the weekdays. Banquet style food options are available for parties of 16 or more people. 

Do you take brunch reservations?

We only take reservations for brunch on the weekdays. On weekends it is a first come first serve policy. Brunch is served daily from 10am-5:30 pm, Tuesday-Sunday(11am).

Is there a booking fee for making reservations?

We ask for a $100 refundable deposit on all reservations of 6- 15 people. We can process your deposit over the phone and a proof of payment receipt is e-mailed to you. The deposit is promptly refunded to you at the time of your reservation. We ask for a $200 refundable deposit for parties of 16-20 people and $300 for 21-45 people.

What about cancellations?

We offer full deposit refunds up to 24hrs before your booking time. If you have to cancel within the 24hr time frame, we will return your deposit but retain 50% to cover the spent food and labor costs. We cannot return your deposit for cancellations the day of your reservation. If one person in your party cancels within 24 hours of your booking time, we charge a $15 per person "no show fee." For private parties bookings, deposits are fully refundable up to one week before the event, otherwise we are subject to keep the entire deposit. Exceptions to this policy include emergency scenarios handled by the manager on a case by case basis.

What if I have a larger party to plan?

Check out our private events page for information on booking of 16 or more people

Is there an auto gratuity?

There is an 18% gratuity added for all parties of six or more

How long can we dine for?

While we welcome you to enjoy the leisure of our tea room, our general seating policy is 90 minutes. After that we may request to have the table back as we have other reservation and walk-in parties to consider.

Additional Seating Lengths for Larger Parties

10-15 people : 120 minutes

16-20 people: 150 minutes

21-45 people: 3 hours, plus 1 hour of set up prior

What if someone in our party has an allergy or dietary preference?

We accommodate most dietary restrictions and offer a delicious selection of vegan, gluten free, sugar free and nut free options. To better serve you, we appreciate knowing all dietary preferences in advance. We charge $5 extra to cover the cost of special ingredients and labor involved in make these items specially for you. *Please be aware that while we are extremely careful to avoid any cross contamination of ingredients like dairy, flour and nuts we cannot guarantee your safety in the case of a severe allergy and that you are consuming at your own risk.

Do you provide decorations and can we bring our own?

Our custom interior is designed to make your experience celebratory and glamorous. We do not currently provide additional decorations like balloons, flowers or banners, but we encourage you to bring your own! You may arrive 30 minutes before your reservation time to set up any decorations around your table. We ask that you don't include signs with explicit language or images, or use materials that will cause damage to our interior. You are liable for any damage that may occur due to using your own materials for decorations in our space. Parties of 21 people or more may arrive up to an hour before to set up their decorations.

Can we byob?

Unfortunately we do no have a liquor license at this time that permits us to serve alcohol on the premises. Hopefully this will change soon...We are currently in the process of acquiring our license. Stay tuned! If you have any non-alcoholic beverages you would like to bring, we charge a $10 per container/bottle service charge.

Can we bring our own cake or dessert?

Yes you may! But we do charge a $15 per cake fee.

Is the space appropriate for small children?

We welcome guests of all ages! Our pink couches are wildly popular with the kids. We offer a "Petite Tea"  for children 12 and under with fun colorful and shaped sweet and savoury items. Please be advised that our tea services are generally served on bone china. If your child is prone to breaking things, please let us know in advance and we can provide more child friendly utensils. We have a booster seat to accommodate our smaller guests as well as comfy couches. If there are any other concerns, please don't hesitate to call us!

Is there free parking?

Yes! We provide free underground parking for our guests. Access to the garage is behind our space on 8th Ave. Dial us at the call box and we will buzz you in!